A conscious choice


BrandNet® is a product uniquely combining a high-quality NomaNet® meat netting and a printed label, allowing clear and unequivocal identification of the producer and product branding.


Put a printout on your netting and make the customer notice your product.

Distinguish your brand against competition. Be visible and innovative.


Thanks to use of modern technology, you can now place any message on the netting, according to your individual project. No meat product will look like yours.


Attractive appereance of the product in the counter directly translates into higher sales income. With BrandNet® you earn more!


BrandNet® is an innovative combination of the traditional meat netting and a modern product branding method. Build brand awareness and make the customers often come back for your products.

BrandNet® alllows an instant identification of your product in the counter. The Customer can see at a glance with what he has to deal with.


We are proud to introduce the first implementation of the new BrandNet® netting. Thanks to the use of a new way of branding, customers looking for Gzella’s meat products from Bory Tucholskie have now got the possibility to self-identify the product in traditional distribution channel. Find out more